A great body is built in the kitchen!

I’m hungry. All the time. And its the best-kept secret in the fitness industry: A great body is built in the kitchen! Cooking is cross-training to life’s vitality, but oh how cooking has changed. New weapons of wellness keep moving my oil!

Adapt to changing trends of kitchenology. Reinvent. Rediscover. Retweak the way you eat. Venture into new+nourishing food combinations, flavors, techniques, must-have cookware gadgets and cookbooks. Seasonally, our “Garden in HD” will steal the show! “Conquer Fitness LLC” is on board to invigorate and inspire new levels of energy; and “Projects” abound in order that they be shared, to spark imagination and creativity among friends.

Certified personal trainer and sport nutritionist. Culinary addict, friend, daughter, sister, auntie. Sarcastic, devoted, curious, energetic. Love endurance sport, my sweetheart, beautiful food, humidity and hot sunshine.